3DI Institute

About us

We are here on a mission to catalyse world citizenship for you. We could be your window to the world when it comes to Overseas Education, Technology and Innovation Labs and Career focussed Digital Arts Education with Emerging Technologies. 3DI Institute provides an excellent pathway for creative excellence by being the go-to source of inspiration and influence across Art, Design, Education, Technology and Travel. As we work with an exceptional team- both expertise and Emerging we believe in establishing a connection that is both professional and sensorial. Our innovative ideas, strategies and approaches to deliver outcomes remain unparalleled. Though a small team, we carry a big punch!

Whats Makes Us Different !

  • Client driven

    We are genuinely fixated on students' intrigue. We never drive our agenda. We are forthright and straightforward but never rigid. We center around wiping out grindings in discussions, innovation and encounters. We are open to suggestions.

  • Deliberate

    We comprehend our obligation in molding confident, effective cosmopolitans of tomorrow. We accept that we play a trivial but significant role and we do so with the highest standards and integrity. We are not braggers to be blowing our own trumpet. We believe in Style and Class.

  • Progressive

    Being highly ambitious and certain of what we do, we are here to rock the status quo. Comprising a team of energetic enthusiasts who work with readiness to pre-empt the requirements of our clients, we always are striving to know more. Moreover, we don't avoid having a fabulous time along the way.

  • Associate

    We devote our human resources and technology to create superior products and services, thereby contributing to a better global society. Our strategic priority ultimately is to give back to the community we live in, and hence, we roll up our sleeves and work hand in hand within our community to identify issues, develop solutions and drive change.


  • “Training was excellent with good interaction. Teaches explained the concept very clearly and it was easy to understand & remember.”Read more

    Sashi, Student
  • “Very good training. My child is very happy to learn as you have provided practical exposure too.”Read more

    Joseph, Parent
  • “Online training provided by your institute helped our students in many ways. Collaboration with you guys gave our school a big enhancement in reputation. ThankYou ”Read more

    Dr. Patel, School Principal